Remember Andromeda [The Cover]

Hey guys

the cover is printed and people liked it :smiley:
thanks for all the comments from focussed critique

and Here is the image

hope you guys like it

Looks great!
I was wondering about some things.
Did you create that with lamps that are able to show the glow?
Is the huge glow inside a textured ball or was that post pro’d?
And those particles on the side, a bunch of individual trails or one big particle coming from the inside?

Just checked the WIP, looks like you didn’t add the starfield :]

hey vliegtuig:

Thanks for the compliments.
that WIP image is an old one, this is the final image that had undergone a few changes.
Yes that glow is due to the interesting light settings [fake volumetrics] and particle halos.
you can almost see all the lights and the settings in this image

and for the particles to flow rightly the small scaled sphere is inside that biggie emmitting lights and halos.

Hmm, fake volumetrics.
I’ve been looking around and didn’t find much info on it, apart from a few old posts concerning a file by Gabio that takes about 1 + 1/2 hour to render :]
Did you find any docu on it?

EDIT: agh, of course I was looking for FAKE volumetrics and not just volumetrics.
This gives me a lot more :]

well I said fake volumetrics because blender does not have true volumetrics.
I got that effect by following the basics [from the Blender manual - Section Volumetric lights], and by following the infinite monkey protocol :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know what technique you are mentioning [that takes hours to render] because mine took max 8 mins.