Remember MalCanDo's thread on what logic bricks we wanted, he working on that?

I know he’s still around because he just implemented Zaghaghi’s motion blur patch on the Game Engine.

I recall he once started a thread stating what logic bricks we wanted, and we haven’t really seen him since, is he working on our requests, just wanted to know so non-programmers can do more stuff. Will new logic bricks from him be expected by 2.50?

EDIT: here was the thread.

Hmm, is my question one that can’t be answered accurately, surely Mal himself can answer if he was here.

There was a huge load of requests. Implementing all of them would take years.

Hi CyberDragon,

I’ve been crazy busy ( for the last 2 months! ) due to regular day work.

However, I’ve now re-downloaded and compiled the latest SVN branch of Blender - which was great timing, as Zaghaghi had just finished his excellent patch!

I’m hoping to start fixing some smaller bugs again in the next few weeks, as well as write a follow up to the BSOD on the Game Engine - and also start a GE competition with Euro500 of prizes. Should be a busy time! :slight_smile:

Well if you don’t have time to work on new features maybe

1). put comments in and document the GE code to encourage development.
2). write documentation on the python functions and how to get good working python scripts.

Anyway, good to hear more small bugs will be fixed.

I was working on making some of those logic brick requests, cause I would also like them. But my harddrive died and I lost them and have not started working on it again. I hope to start again and try to make useful patches for the game engine but I’ve been sidetracked learning how to code better and on other projects for now. But I also want to know what happened with http:// cause it seems like it died.

The BlenderSource site is still up ( the thread wasn’t stickied though, am not sure why ).

While some funding activity took place ( mainly regarding OGRE integration ), the only funded one that has a solution is the ability to view textures while editing.

I’ll get on the ball to get that money through to the author of that solution ( ideasman ) - while it’s not a lot, it might be a night out on the beer or something, that would help show appreciation for his efforts!