remember to change colors!

I hope, even that people are so excited about all the new features 2.30 has,
they wouldn’t forget to do the most important thing: CHANGE THE COLORS OF UI! :slight_smile:

here’s my blender that I use at work:


Ive made a theme, to go with my XP os, i know its not brilliant, but i like it at the mo.

If anyone is interested i’ve also put up the .b.blend file.

Basse: is there any easier way of distributing themes?

while we’re at it: how do you change the .B.blend file? the last time i checked it’s a binary

make your settings, then hit ctrl-u to save them to b.blend (the default blend that is loaded on startup and ctrl-x)

L13: Pure white like this will hurt your eyes quite a bit in the long run.


and brain.
but that’s microsoft design for you :slight_smile:

also, when you start a new drawing/painting, staring at the white paper makes it very hard to start … I think it has a name even… fear of white paper or whatever :slight_smile:

I hate white paper.


last night I turned my blender all sorts of funky colors. But in the end went back to classic colors. I like the grey background.

I think blue background is best! :Z

OMG L13 this is… welll better not say, you know every one and his own taste.

ive grown accostomed to the niormal one

ill have to fiddle though

Oi @ner.

I made these theme thinking it would go with my other windows stuff then i realised, it looks crap.

So ive gone back to the default colours.

I made it to show that, blender can now be made to look more like its host, os’s.

Im sure that the same could be done with OSX, Linux, and whatever else.

And not im not a Windows lover, i run a duel boot system. I use windows for sumthings linux for others. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

im definatly going to mess with the colors i hate gray!!!

i live in wales gray skys every day now till febuary!!!

BLUE is the way forward im gonna do me a funky blue design

1 thing i would LOVE is to be able to save the theme seperatly and share it!!!

without haveing to change the b.blend

like a seperate “theme” file

would be great!!!

has anyone noticed the new GRID !!!

AMAZING i love the new grid !!!

its got lil grid in the main grid YAY

For those people loving dark interfaces (like me)

I too would like a separate theme file.

I’m going to color mine like autodesk Inventor 6.0’s defaults.

i’m not sure why, but i want to.



I downloaded your file but non of the colors seem to be different…


i’m assuming you went to the theme tab and then the pull down menu, other wise i have no idea

BMD already answered your question :wink:

Weee, dark is good for the eyes :slight_smile:

No files because only the visible windows are colorized, haven’t done the others yet.

BMD already answered your question ;-)[/quote]

From what I understand the themes are in the .b.blend file. So the themes are only transportable by posting the b.blend. I cant seem to save my themes inside my project.