Remember when graphics cards looked like this?

I was up my loft to see if I had a suitable case and PSU for a motherboard/CPU/RAM I took out my PC when I last upgraded those. I found this beauty from 20 years ago. Back when you could have any colour PC you wanted as long as you wanted beige. 16MB RAM 3dfx Voodoo3 2000 AGP :stuck_out_tongue:


Maaaan! You had a graphics card? You had a pretty uptown setup! My Pentium 2 had onboard graphics… which ROCKED “Pandemonium”! Of course my intel 386 had all of the colors you ever needed for “in search of doctor riptide”

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I even remember when my computer did not have a graphics card and using lightwave 4 and Real3d on my 386 (could be 486 too it has been so long)

Retro Pc gaming is a thing, keep it

The best old school graphics chip ever was the Commodore 64’s VIC chip. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Like these 2 I have here



True! And it could even run blend…err… Giga CAD I mean :slight_smile:

very interesting unfortunately in german only


Ive still got an S3 Virge somewhere.

Matrox Millenium II was my first ‘3D’ card ))

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I too owned a voodoo. I burned it up when I tried swamping it’s bios chip with another voodoo. Then I had one of those nvidia cards. Used nvidia for long time after this. Now I use radeon.

now remember better, a Creative 3D Blaster PCI with a rendition veritè v1000 gpu
it was a gpu that was competing with 3dfx hahaha

the videocard with which I started using blender was the riva TNT if I remember correctly … one of the first ATI Cards…


ive got a stack of 4 old pc’s that dont even have agp lol. one of them had a voodoo pci 3000 (i think?) but it might be failing so its it the box now with the pile of agp gpus and other things. :slightly_frowning_face:

Nice. I had a Voodoo 3 as well, in a PC with a monster 128mb of RAM and a sweet Athlon processor.

I remember being insanely jealouse of mny freind who spent a fortune on a Pentium 120 when i only have a Pentium 90.

I got him back tho by getting the Pentium III when that came out. Still works too, i gave it to an elderly friend who still surfs on it.

I remember my first proper gfx card - an ATi radeon with faulty drivers, a lot of promises and some proprietary stuff that was never recognized by any game. It really soured my appetite for that brand for a long time.

Never had a good experience with Radeon drivers, particularly for the mobile chips. I had a horribly expensive laptop at my last job which was a workstation laptop - Radeon card crashed it on a daily basis, despite keeping up with the latest drivers.

I really can’t say anything about radeon cards today. this was decades ago. But the aftertaste is still there. Hardware developers: release finished, polished products or people will grieve for generations! At least jumpers are a thing of the past. I frequently exclude them from my nostalgic thoughts.

I once had to edit the bios chip on a graphics card so that it would run on a mac. The windows version had twice the ram on it, so i had to dump the graphics bios chip, hex edit it to under report the ram it actually had and flash it back before it would run on a mac.

It worked too :slight_smile:

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My first 3D card was the Permedia 2 Blizzardvideo card that connected to the 166Mhz 603 PPC accelerator in my Amiga 1200 - played a lot of quake and Wipeout 2097 on that!

Sweet memories. I believe I had the same Matrox Millennium in my first Windows PC in 1997, after being a passionate Amiga user for 11 years.

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