Remember when people complained about phones with just 1 port?

Slowly, but surely, companies were relentless in reducing the number of ways you can interface with your phone or mobile device, as the number of ports became less and less. It is now common for mobile devices to have just one port, eliminating the additional storage options and complicating the process of getting data to and from the device (not to mention headphones that run out of juice),.

Now we see the future of the mobile device…

No Ports

What that means is that even the way you charge the battery is wireless, not to mention that you will need to buy brand new peripherals to do so much as get a photo off of it and onto a desktop. I wonder when PC users will have to throw away all of their USB sticks, external hard-drives, backup power supplies, speakers, keyboards, mice, and tons of other things when PC makers start going this route, as I know Apple’s desktop solutions are already most of the way there. At the least, it is a good thing the Windows ecosystem is slow on this front.

To note, that doesn’t even cover the wrap-around screen, which itself is a can of worms which eliminates the ability to have a protective case (if you value using it to the fullest). I would expect the 0 port design to make its way to other brands soon if this takes off, with it only being useful if you need to film underwater or something, but who cares about peripherals lasting more than 1-3 years anyway?

The companies always have to make it so people need an upgrade. It’s how they make money. They don’t care about corruption. It’s all about making it different, and none compatible. Just like microsoft Windows. Microsoft only works on making the software, different.

At this point in time perhaps is the turning point that mobile phones are getting even worse. Up to the point that it would be pointless to purchase a device at all.

Most of the popular models are glued-pressed and it means that for even the most simple hardware fail a device repair can cost 100-150€ just for starting (like a faulty mic - or faulty power button - would cost 50€ and the technician another 50-80€).

And even if the hardware is great, by 3-4 years you would definitely need to change battery because most likely like that battery cells would have been worn out.

Some years ago I owned an iPhone4 and I had replaced the battery 4 times, the home button twice, the microphone once. Though at a later time it couldn’t catch up with the software, it worked perfect for sms and voice, no complaint and no problem at all using it for 6 full years.

There are phones out there where you can at least get some spare/upgrade parts like a battery or a camera separately and easily install yourself.
Just stop supporting Apple and Samsung and buy these other phones.

The cell phone companies will eventually have the laws changed so you can only have portable phones. and then they will make it a requirement by law to own one, with an active subscription.