Remembering Magritte

Hello everybody!!!

Glad to share with you my last creation. This image is based in Magritte’s painting The Listening Room.

I have written a short story based on the famous painting. You can read the story here. I think is quite crazy and funny. I hope you like it, too.

As you can imagine, the image illustrates the tale; it’s not only a quote about the painting.

Everything have been done in Blender, But the paint stain, which has been done using ZBrush.

Here you can see a detail of the scene:

Every texture (but the wallpaper) is procedural in this image, so I’m very glad about it.

Health and Love for everyone!!!

Good work! I like the concept (y) But it could probably use a few more samples from cycles

Thank you Asad! You are right, I should have used more samples, and I would have liked it, but my NVidia card crashed for three times and the time rendering for 2000 samples was too large for my computer (seven hours for a 1200 px image). Maybe I’m sending it to a render farm. I think it deserves a better sampling :wink:

Have a nice day!!!

@Mr.Chuan, Thanks for sharing, but I am thinking the reflection of the wall color in the water is a little weird… shouldn’t the left part is red and the right part is yellow?

Hi, foxrender! I now it’s a bit strange, but it should be physically accurated, like this, as I was following these advices to get realistic results:

So I’ve used a IOR of 1,45 for the glass, 1,33 for the water on the top (non visible in the image) and 1,33 / 1,45 = 0,917 for the water through the glass.
So I think the refraction may be weird, but is correct. That’s may opinion :wink:

Thank you for you review! Have a nice day!

Nice work, nice tribute to Magritte.

Thank you, Horizon! I Love Magritte :wink:

OK, thanks so much for your explanation.

Have a nice day.

However, I think that IORs below 1 don’t work well in cycles. Try to invert it (1,45/1,33=1,09) and invert the normals of the interface as well. You can check this example by Greg Zaal
Hope it helps

I like the short story, and even more how have you adapted the name for both spanish and english :).

About the render, I find those dark edges in the apple a bit weird. How was your node setup?

Creepy, it’s nice.

Just up the samples.

I like the render and the original paint too… Well Done.

Thank you, Assassin18! And thank you fdfxd! You’re right, I’m looking forward to improve the image sampling but my computers are too slow with this image. I want to make it ASAP in high resolution for printing. So maybe I will need a farm for it.

Thank you jdpy for your review. I’m so glad you liked the short story, and YES, the name of the character is different in English and Spanish :wink:

I think you are right with the mysterious dark edge. This is my node set up for the apple:

Have a nice day!!!

I think it has something to do with this SSS. I would use it only for the interior of the fruit, just in case it is visible. In my opinion, the apple skin is opaque enough to avoid light through it. Try to use a diffuse+glossy setup, the difference won’t be that much (maybe those edges will even disappear) and you will reduce render time.

Have a nice day!

I think it has something to do with SSS. I wouldn’t use it for the apple skin, maybe for the interior of the fruit, just in case. I think it is opaque enough to avoid light going through it. Try to use a diffuse+glossy setup, keep it easier and check your result (you might be surprised). It will even shorten the render time.
Good luck!

Thank you for your advice. I will check it again. The fact is when I use only difuse plus glossy the fruit skin is too opaque, in my opinion. And the shade in the left side can be too dark, like if it was a stone, or plaster. I think SSS is neccesary for fruits and organic tissues. But I will check it again. The render time, as i have said it before, is too large (eight hours, sometimes my GPU crashing and still noisy)

Thank you again and have a nive day!

Thank you for your advice, jdpy. In my opinion, SSS is neccesary in fruits and organic tissues. When i’ve tried only difuse plus glossy the result is too dark in the side opposite to the light source. It looks more like plaster or stone. But the render time is too large (eight hours and my GPU crashed for three times and still too noisy)

Anyway, I will try it again just to compare. Thank you again and have a nice day!!!

Sorry for double post. It didn’t appear so I thought there was an error while sending, and wrote it again.

In my opinion, SSS is necessary in some fruits and most organic tissues. There are always exceptions. For me, there is no reason to use a complex SSS shader to represent highly opaque fruits as pinneaples, for example (the main part, the leaves are justified).

Actually, an apple shadow looks like a stone one:

The only element I would use as SSS is the branch, but if the light source isn’t just behind, the effect is barely noticeable.

Looking forward to see your new results!

Sorry for MY double post, too!!! :wink: It seems it happened the same thing, to me.

Actually I used that image as a reference for an old apples work of mine. You can see it here. And I used the same shading node tree. If you see that tree (above) you will notice that SSS is only a 25 per cent of the apple skin. The other part is dufuse plus glossy.

I’m currently in more future projects. I don’t know if I’ll have time enough to test more shadings. I will post them in that case.

Have a nice day!