Remembering the Good Ol' Days

My favorite game for the Super Blentendo! I’m recording a tutorial on the making of this image that I’ll post in this thread.

really like it
only thing that disturbes me is the wire near the left plug, seems too flat/stiff and too near (far?) to the floor
other than that its really cool

Ah takes me back to the ol’ days. For me the only thing is the buttons on the controller are a little flat. Awesome work.

Oh my goodness, I seriously thought this was real when I first saw it. I don’t really have any complaints about the cord, but I agree that the buttons (ABXY in particular) look kind of like they’re permanently pressed down. Just a small nitpick though.

Love the inclusion of the instruction booklet!

And those wires are sufficiently tangled (having owned an N64 for a LOOONG time, I know how tangled those cords can get!). :slight_smile:

The good ol days. When games consoles played games. Nice colors.

Way too clean to have been used properly. :smiley:

I like the grainy, off-colour look. It makes it look like an 80’s photo.

Here’s a tutorial I made on how to model the system itself, along with the controllers and game cartridge. I’ll post another tutorial next week on how to texture, light, and composite this image. :smiley:

Back in the day, I worked for the company that first developed Internet banking and one of the produces we built was a prototype Super Nintendo cartridge that let you log onto your banking site and do all the stuff you do through your browser now. All this was funded by the Well-Fargo Bank.

That company is gone now, but I’m sure one of the former owners still has a SNES banking cart or two sitting in a box in a closet.