Remembrance (music)

While I haven’t made any new .blends recently (not since January), I still thought that this would be a good place to get feedback on my music. Plus I can participate in the forums again :slight_smile:

My latest piece, “Remembrance,” can be found here.

My other music can also be found at

Hope you enjoy listening!

My God, that’s absolutely gorgeous! Only slightly repetitive in some places, but it suits the style perfectly. You should do this professionally! Have you published any work! It’s by FAR better than the music in Eragon, I just saw that movie, it was a similar genre, but so wimpy. Your harmonies and baselines have real power! Just throw in some percussion and wind, and you have a movie score!



Edit: I forgot to ask: Do you have a keyboard or do you input some other way? And just thought I’d say, I think the melody at the beginning of “Farewell” would sound perfect on a double-reed, perhaps English Horn?

Thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. I haven’t published anything (I can’t yet, being 17), but maybe someday I will. I’m flattered that you think my music is better than Eragon’s, though I haven’t seen that yet. I just hope my pieces are good enough to get me into USC’s composition program! :slight_smile:

I don’t have a keyboard, I just pencil each note in one at a time.

In “Farewell,” if you listen carefully, you’ll hear an oboe playing the melody in the second half.

Ah, I had somehow guessed you were about 17. I guess it’s because your music is much more developed than anyone younger’s who I’ve yet heard, but lacking something that came from a professional. I’m 15, so I’ll be in the same “getting into college” boat pretty soon.

Haha, yeah, about Eragon: Terrible movie, and the music didn’t redeem it at all! It was like LOTR music minus a melody, a base line, and percussion. All high and airy sounding. Terrible.

As a fellow musician, I wish you much luck in your USC venture, and hope to see/hear more of your work. I’m sure that if you get into a good school, you’ll be successful. Hmm… we have similar taste about the oboes! Quite obvious I suppose, it just fits in some places.

While I like the sort of segmented feeling in remembrance, I sort of want to hear something more… contiguous? Agnus dei sort of felt the same way… But your other pieces are different, so I think you probably get the idea of what I’m saying.

Beautiful! What program did you use to compose it?

That was awesome. Only thing that bugged me was the sudden stops once in a while but damn it was good. I want your samples :smiley:

Hmmm do those samples come with Garage Band? if they do i will actually think about buying that for my Mac cause those are some sweet samples. The cello especially.

Hey pal, I’m listening to Remembrance it’s awesome, and now I’ll listen to the others :slight_smile:
I’d say it’s good, but you need more power, go get some inspiration from “Immediate Music”…
Good luck kiddo…