remesh and decimate questions

First of all, I would like to give all my love to the ones responsible for remesh and decimate modifiers. Decimate is an old marvel, but remesh I just found out and fell in love with. Such a great tool I have been looking for all this years!

But then, there are some issues I wish some one would have an answer:

-Both modifiers destroy the smoothed edges information. Make it all hard. Is there some way to make the edges smoothed without flattening the modifier? In most times they are actualy meant to be smoothed. I guess this should be default instead of flat.

-Also, both destroy the uv information. That is ok, since I guess it would be impossible. But then there is uv formed by the orientation of another object that should be independent of the mesh. At least with remesh (I do not know with solidify), it works okay until you flatten it (and the vray exporter will flatten it ). Then it removes the uv layer currently applied, leaving no uv information in its place. I do not understand why does this happens. Could it be a bug? Is there a way to keep the uv layer? I am having to flatten myself each object (instead of the script doing so) and reapplying the uv layer by hand.

-There is not remesh for curves. ArenĀ“t curves converted to polygons on the render and viewport anyway? Is it a limitation or it just has not been implemented yet?

-This I just found; particles seems to be not working with a mesh that has the remesh modifier below it. Is this another bug? I remove the remesh modifier and the particles work ok. Also, it does not work correctly with the solidify modifier. This is sad.

That is it. I guess there are english mistakes there, but it should be understandable. Thanks.