Remesh Blocks size trouble. Help needed.

Hi blenderartists,

I have simple mesh that scales over time and it has remesh-blocks modifier applied. When It is very small the blocks are dense and small and when it gets bigger the blocks are getting bigger as well. How to make the scale of the blocks stay the same for whole time? It seems that scale parameter is somehow linked to the boundary box of the object - can I turn it off and make it global / constant scale?

thank you :slight_smile:

As well as keyframing the object scale, keyframe the Scale value in the remesh modifier.
If you double the object scale, double the modifer scale value


remesh_scale.blend (90.5 KB)

Thank you Richard for replying and blend. Unfortunately your solution is enough just for fully controllable scaling. What can I do if I have a mesh controlled by an armature and it is moving, scaling and rotating at the same time? I think that maybe use of drivers might help - some math for current dimensions of an object to drive the scale of blocks - but I don’t have any experience with drivers. Did any one try similar approach before?