Remesh modifier sculpting experiment

Hello, this is my first post.

I had been practicing from the tutorial on blendercookie about sculpting the human head.
This was not my first time on sculpting, mind you. But inspired by the videos from youtube on using the remesh modifier to create a basemesh, I created one that was a subdivided cube sculpted then altered by the modifier.

The following images are of the sculpted head model shown from different angles. It is not exactly anatomically accurate with the eyes and the ears, but it is definitely the most realistic head I have ever done.

I am only posting these images to show the potential of the remesh modifier for base mesh construction and for critiques from other sculptors about the head model.


I have been trying to post this image, but the website mention that I can only post three images. This image shows the advantage of the remesh modifier for creating base meshes. Compared to the sculpting a head from a cube, sculpting the head from a remeshed object takes half the multi resolution levels, and possibly less time.

Also, I want to post the images of the head at other angles.

Umm… well, it’s not going to make your head animatable, if that’s what you’re wondering.

That is not the intent. This is purely a sculpting exercise

Using a simple cube for a base mesh in blender is a bad idea because of the way the multi-res modifier works it actually performs better if you base mesh is slightly denser you can do some experiments to find that sweet spot but for a head a base mesh of about 100-200 faces is where I would start.

Hello, this is my second post.

There wasn’t much reaction to the remeshed head I posted previously. I figured that to show how affective the remesh modifier can be for sculpting, I would create a character, in this case, spiderman.

Took me a while. I tried to sculpt when I had the chance. The model is not yet complete though. Hopefully, when I have time, I would complete the arms.

The model started out as base mesh created using the skin modifier that Nicholas Bishop made. After
that, I remeshed it, and put in the mucsle detail and remeshed it again to add in other details.

Using the masking brush that Bishop made, I was able to add in the web lines and the eyes that were part
of the costume. The lines are not smooth, but the mask did make creating the lines on the torso simple.


awesome spiderman sculpt

Very cool sculpt!