Remesher errors, how to fix after the fact?

I spotted a few voxel remesher errors way after I further sculpted the rest of the mesh.
How can I fix them without creating edit mode horrors?

Things I tried unsuccessfully:

  • sculpting + additional remesh (to few polygons between the fingers to stretch the mesh there. and rising the polycount by remesh to then backtrack, is a big no (Blender hangs)
  • deleting and remeshing: either Blender hangs, with a small voxel size, or destroys the mesh, by making it full of holes
  • deleting and then fixing manifolds with 3dprint add-on: the polygons get re-created as before.
  • “mask slice” and fill holes: nothing seems to happen

Any idea?

Sorry for bumping this old post, but I am facing the same issue and since the remesher has been around longer now for people to use it, has a solution to this been found?

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I haven’t; but Ihaven’t done this work recently, so it might be 2.82+ is better?
I was forced to do manual edits in edit mode, and/or use booleans; either, at that vertex density are very bad.

There is no way to walk around this. Its a limitation of remeshing workflow.

Is there anyway to get the remesher to avoid remeshing certain areas of the mesh?