Remesher that works well with hardsurfaces?

One of my favorite workflows when working with hardsurfaces is just kitbashing stuff away into weapons, robots and structures. Unfortunately, this usually results in absurd polycounts so I spend a lot of time deleting faces that are not seen, etc. A lot.

Does anyone know any remesher that works well with hardsurfaces? I’ve tried DynRemesh, but even though it is amazing for organic stuff, it kind of destroys my meshes.

Tesselator is pretty good, IMO

Check this addon: BakeMyScan . It makes use of different retopology algorithms with nice UI. (Quadriflow and Instant Meshes are best in my opinion)

Still trying to find a good one. Didn’t try Tesselator yet, next in the list. Problem is you need to save hard surface angles, and most of them are for organics, they round the hard edges…