Reminder: If your model is crap, the render will be crap too

It’s easy to get lost with all the “PBRs”,the “Filmics” or whatever buzzword the B3D community will latch onto next

But remember
If the model is horribly modeled
Then chances are the render won’t look good either

AP once said that modelling is the foundation of 3d art in one of his many videos about photorealism

And I agree

Granted you can build some great stuff with a sand foundation I mean,
I mean the adobe houses look pretty cool(to some people at least).
But adobe houses are no Burg Al Khalifa or Empire State Building are they?

(I’m just going to keep milking this analogy for what it’s worth, dammit!)

But you aren’t going to make anything that’s “groundbreaking”

You are always going to be in this
“Generic c4d Artwork #1415414” limbo
and not launch into Rob Garlinton levels of artistry

No amount of filmic will make a crappy model that doesn’t have good normals, light properly

No amount of PBR will make a crappy model that has asinine UV seams, have good materials

And lastly and most importantly

literally nothing will make your 3d model of tax forms or electric bills interesting.

If your subject is boring
hey what do you know?
no one will care about the scene

Thanks for the reminder Captain Obvious, what would the citizens of Blender-vile ever do without you?

That gives an idea for a captain obvious thread for 3D, the stuff which is so obvious and what we so take as established knowledge, that we might actually forget.

Personally, I always look at model, texture, light, in that order. The next stage never gets done until the preceding stage is done.

Same here.

Personally, it happens much more often to me that a good mesh looks terrible after texturing/lightning/rendering than the other way around.

I wish i was good at modeling but I literally can’t do it. Every single time I try to model it turns out looking sharp-edged and nothing like the intended object. Maybe it’s time to put aside my dignity and actually look at the tutorials here…

@Netherman - It’s not putting aside dignity, it’s putting aside Ego. As soon as you admit you don’t know something, you’ve taken the first step towards learning it.

Good luck on your learning journey, and welcome to the community!

Kinda wrong. I’m pretty much faced with placing equipment into square box rooms indicating what the equipment would look like in that room. There is nothing interesting about it, and yet the customer who gets the render may get enough to convince him about going for it. It doesn’t always have to be “beautiful” and “artsy”. I’ll add bevels and some shine to dominating furniture and surfaces, and try to get a camera angle where those catches highlights (trying the mimic the actual room lighting - typically very boring spaces). If I add characters and comical situations to tell a story which waaay improves the look and artisticness of the render, that is something I actually have to keep to myself and colleges - the super boring stuff is what goes to the customer. I posted a thread asking for advice on improving the look on stuff that has to be boring, but I didn’t get a single reply (last I checked at least).

So a render doesn’t have to be artsy or interesting to have value, that is all in the eyes of the beholder. And yeah, that stuff is not something I would show off here (nor do I think I’m allowed to).

You are already aware that what you’re doing doesn’t look right. That’s a start at least. :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of people who might disagree with me, but I think modeling is more of a skill than an innate ability. I do think some people are more naturally able when it comes to certain tasks, creative or otherwise. But there’s a lot of skill involved. Skill is learned. If you put some time into it, more often than not you will learn. Although it may vary from person to person, you should still show some improvement.

Even talented people practice and educate themselves. It might be slightly quicker, or easier for them to learn and adapt, but skills can still become rusty with neglect.

and old say
garbage in and results = garbage out !LOL

happy bl

The next cg challenge?

That is not necessarily true. Most visualisations these days are made with imported geometry from CAD models. There is usually no budget for doing a retopo.
Imported CAD geometry is allmost allways what would be considered horrible topology.
Still, it is possible to make very good renderings from this horrible geometry.

Not in all side. It is aimed what do you rendering or what do you would like to showing. If its “Close-up” renders in near, so you must detailing or similar process, if it is “Low-Poly” models with “Crappy” animations, so it will must be something “Interesting scenarios” than the aim is on model by itself. Similarish too Cartoons-film.

Ouch, that’s harsh :wink: But I do think there is no such thing as a boring subject. Heck, take those piled up “tax forms or electric bills”, add a noose in the background and you’ve already got an interesting (though dramatic) piece with some storytelling behind it!