Reminds me of some of the discussions here ;-P

Very funny.

I’m laughing so hard my room is running out of oxygen… xD

But this forum is so nice and calm compared to the Swedish Ubuntu LoCo where I used to be involved - my god what fights there were about FOSS, OS’es vs. OS’es and what not… ;D

Actually my favorite part was a comment: “Owning a Nikon doesn’t make you a photographer, it makes you a Nikon owner.”


Yeah, it’s just lovely what you can find sometimes. I read this earlier today: (about Apple increasing their market share in US)

Guy 1: Just as I foresaw it, Gartner was wrong again.

Guy 2: The difference between you and Gartner is they actually make calculations before making a prediction. You are just guessing wildly - and you can always make a right guess no matter how stupid.

Thank you for this. This made my morning running. My favourite part:

Hammeruser: I do framing work and carpentry, so tearing through walls really doesn’t apply to my work.
M.C.: That’s because you have absolutely no skills. A good hammer user can drive nails with a 20 pound sledghammer with no problem. You’re one of those rich doctors, aren’t you, that thinks upgrading your hammer is going to make you a better carpenter?

so amazing!