Finally done! Well here it is, hope you like it. Thank you to everyone who posted in the WIP thread :smiley:

Bigger Version

Comments welcome :smiley:

Wow! That’s nice. Everything looks great. I have no crits.


Pretty funny situation, why can’t the insects in my kitchen be as resourceful as
your mice?

Looks great…:smiley:

That’s great, nice sense of depth as well.

BAh!!! hahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha

That is one awesome picture, let me say it again, AWESOME! picture.

I just bursted laughing at the first sight of seeing the mouse at work :smiley: hahahha

O.O? huh? I didn’t noticed that one at the top, on the bench edge but HELL your mouse is so cute! … hey I might have a second image about mouses.

Very good lighting, very realistic I’d say. Shadows are well in place and the light colour is just perfect.

There is one critic though:

The plates (if I’m not wrong?) , they look kinda concrete-ish, but that texture looks good for the espresso maker or whatever that machine is in the corner.

Anyways, keep up the sleek work Fallen,


Ovewrall it is sweet, just a couple of things I noticed. First of all, just glancing at the render it looks complete, but looking at the render longer (what it deserves) I noticed that the plugs (the one hanging off the counter and the one for the toaster) look a little bit odd. Maybe it is just my imagination, but the plug hanging off the counted looks lik it is suspended out into space too far before hanging down. The plug from the toaster looks a little odd, too, but I can’t put my finger on it.

I also noticed that there is lenolium inside the mouse hole, where there wouldn’t be any in real life, but since this isn’t supposed to be realistic it would make sense to put the flooring in the mouse hole. The parts on either side of the of the flooring look like there isn’t anything there, just blackness. Other then that, this looks AWESOME, and maybe I’m being too picky, but, for me, these things could be fixed very easily and make the render that much better.

Great Concept for an Image, I love it!

Wow, thanks for all the comments! :smiley:

Yes, the plug by the wall does that, but not very much. I had to or else my cord would go all funky and twisted :x . As for the “blackness” on either side of the tile (in the mouse hole), it’s the “wall” in the mouse hole (mouse hole is extruded back) I didn’t notice before how that could be mistaken, oops … Only problem is after this scene, I can’t think of anything to blend :frowning: lol