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Hey guyes

Im trying to use blender for a school project. Sadly, the school isnt excatly high tech lovers… And using blender on any of the PC’s is gonna be extremly destructive on my patience. So i thought of a clever idea, why dont i use a laptop to acces the internet ( our school has wireless ), and then by the power of remote acces use blender on my stationary computer that stays at home :cool:

Clever idea, problem is i used LogMeIn, a software that click loved. So i thought it would be grand and flashy. It wasn’t, well it worked very fine on minor operations. Such as using notepad, however anything mediocre or hard made the FPS go way way down. Actually it almost refuses to open blender. Doesnt show anything but a black background. And to make the problem worse i told my teacher that the remote software would work :o

So, what should i do? Find some other software, and if so what… or just surrendr and make my thingy whit paper and pencil?

  • Sandalphon

If your laptop sucks, then your home computer might as well suck as well. It doesn’t matter how good your computer is. If you’re trying to access it through a junky computer, it’ll run as slowly (if not slower) as the junky one.

Unless he uses Linux with Remote X11, then it’ll be rather fast.

hmmm… doesnt sound too good, but thx for the answear.

Dont really know what i should do now, only solution seem to actually physically move the computer to my school, i live 5 minutes away, but that do seem a tad bit drastic…

Sorry to revive an old thread, but it’s apparently still relevant, since I am now getting the same problem a year later. Anyone know how to fix it? =D
Download the software and it will allow you to access your computer from anywhere.

teamviewer works great