Remote Blender Virtualbox?

Hi everyone, I’m a new user just looking to get into Blender. And I was wondering if it’s possible to use Blender in a remote-desktop style from my minuscule laptop (2GB, dual-core, Win10) to a xeon-based headless workstation (24 GB RAM, 2x quad CPU) on my home network. Typically, I use remote-desktop to connect to it, but since RDP only has basic opengl support it doesn’t play nicely…My goal is to actually run blender in a virtual machine on the xeon computer in case I need to pause rendering to work on something else (like steam in home-in streaming :p)

I thought about using something like virtualgl, or a remote X11 session, but I also want the ability to occasionally use dual-monitors on my laptop (internal display + hdmi out) for blender, so I don’t think those would work…Would net-render be the best option?