Remote Contract work on Rhesus Macaque Models, Social Interaction Animations

(clockwork99) #1

Hey Everyone

I’m a graduate student looking to hire someone to do the following with a previous purchased and worked on Model.

  1. Modeling Improvements - the model I have is good for most of my needs, but I am interested in using shape keys to generate different looking monkeys in an easy way. Also, just due to my own limited knowledge, I’m having a difficult time transitioning something made in blender render over to cycles. I would be interested in having a conversation about what the best course of action is given my interests.

  2. Rigging - Possibly modifying the rigging on my current model to improve its usability.

  3. Animation - My main goal with these models is creating short (3 - 5 second) movies of social interactions. these including two animals grooming each other, chasing each other, fighting, etc. I can provide example footage.

I am based in New York City, but the work is totally remote. If you’re interested, please shoot me a message with your rates and experience/portfolio. Thanks a lot!

(Member) #3

Hmm. i like to do it but I gotta wait For my new laptop…

(Roninfang) #4

sent message ^^

(ArchDragon) #5

Hi Clockwork99,

My name is Jamie Dunbar and I run a 3D animation studio in Melbourne, Australia called ‘Dragonboots Studios’.

I’ve been on holidays the past few weeks and only just saw your job advertisement on Blender Artists for the Rhesus monkey animations. Do you still require assistance with this project?

I’ve been running my studio for the past 10 years, mostly working with the Texas Children’s Hospital. We created a suite of 40 animations for them, aimed at teaching young kids about heart diseases and the procedures the hospital will use to treat them. It’s all based around cute, friendly characters explaining the processes in kid friendly terms. You can see the suite of animations here:

Educational Animation Videos | Texas Children’s Hospital

We’ve also done a few fun kids animations in Blender, which you can see on our YouTube channel:

All the best with completing your project. If you need help finishing anything, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Jamie Dunbar.