Remote Desktop with Blender Installed

Anyone know of a remote desktop PC I can connect to so I can use Blender?

I am using Google Compute with intel xeon CPUs but Blender cannot run it says hardware acceleration is not available but Unity runs just fine.

I have found a solutions for this, please see:

I’ve had this problem before. There is a program from HP called HP Remote Graphics Software (link). You install the RGS Sender on the computer you want to reach remotely, and install the RGS Receiver on your end-device. Blender works with this. However, the sender has a license fee, unless you use it on an HP workstation, in which case it is free.

Nice. I’m planning to build a server which I can connect to anytime with just a light weight laptop. Imagine the convenience

Microsoft’s “Remote Desktop” technology is based on sending small bitmap fragments back and forth. Their GUI system is only resident on the host computer.

Other systems such as Unix and Linux use “X-Windows” or “X-Org” technology (no relation to MS Windows …) which is actually a “client/server” approach. The server sends drawing commands to the client. (When you’re running the GUI on one machine, both components are running on the same machine.)

But even so, I think it would be very difficult to get satisfactory results trying to run a program like Blender “remotely,” if it could be done at all.