Remove .00(#) from mesh duplicate names.

Hi there - this is my first post, regrettably it’s in technical support… I am having issues with object names inside of blender. You see I use a suffix at the end of each object name so that substance painter can differentiate between lowpoly and highpoly objects -


Box_low (this lets substance painter know that I want to bake my normal details onto this object because of the _low suffix)

Box_high (this lets substance painter know that this mesh must be baked onto Box_low)

The problem Is - to bake several highpoly objects onto Box_low (like screws or greebles) I must name all of those objects Box_high. Substance painter will then bake everything that is named Box_high onto box_low, understand? Well blender wont let me name duplicated names without adding .001, .002. 003 etc etc, in other words I can’t name more then one object Box_high. This is seriously hindering my work-flow and I need to find out how to stop blender from doing this - can you help me?

If this can not be done I will be returning to 3dsmax and probably never use blender until this is changed. No other program that I know of blocks the user from using duplicated names.

You can’t have more than one Object with the same name. Names in Blender are identifiers, not labels. That’s not uncommon, it’s the same in Maya and many other programs. If names are labels, you need to generate unique IDs for objects (the way 3DSMax does it), but then you can’t just reference objects by path (without additional support). I highly doubt Blender will ever change its approach.

Substance painter really should support some other way of grouping (maybe based on materials), but I don’t know. It also would be possible to modify the FBX exporter to “collapse” names the way you need it.

The simplest “solution” for you is to just have one mesh instead of many objects for baking. You can create one mesh out of many objects by selecting the objects and pressing CTRL+J.