Remove All Transform Keys from an animation

Hello all,

I’m sure this is possible but I simply cant figure out the way to do it. Basically I have an animation and I want to make it stantionary. Think a walk cycle, but I want to model to stay in place.

I can accomplish this by going into pose mode and removing the transform (ALT + G) on a frame by frame basis, but this is horrifically time consuming. I can also go in the dopesheet and manually delete transform keys, which is also time consuming.

Is there a simple and easy way to delete all of the keys of a certain type ( transform, scale, rotate for example ) all at once?


At the bottom of the graph editor there is search field that you can use to filter F-Curves.

  • in pose mode select all your bones
  • type “location” in the search field in the graph editor
  • select every f-curve
  • hit x or delete

Excellent, exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

I’m guessing there is no Delete All Transforms button hid away in the UI somewhere?

In GraphEditor or DopeSheet: press X (Delete Channels) --> Delete Keyframes (first select all by pressing A)

In 3D View, N-panel: hover over any transform field and R-click --> Delete Keyframes (if on a keyframe 0 yellow)
or Clear Keyframes (if between keyframes = green)