remove an IK keyframe completely

After setting a keyframe on an IK bone with i->locrot, how do I remove this?

(I can’t just set it to the correct position, as effectively the keyframe is still there, and will mess up the inverse kinematics a bit…)


Select only this bone in pose mode. Open an IPO window. If there is only one keyframe for this bone then just select all the ipo curves (A-Key) and delete them. You may need to reposition the bone (Alt-G, Alt-R will probably do it)

If you have other keys you want to keep for this bone: Select all the curves then Tab into edit mode in the ipo window, deselect any vertices if need be and B-select just the column of keys you want to delete (make sure only these vertices are selected) then delete them.

Check your animation to see if the transition is how you expect it.

(Usual disclaimer: I’m still learning)

Okay, thanks for the reply, although I sort of managed this in the “action editor”.

I now have another problem…

My animated character is to have several animations e.g. run, jump etc.

However, the inverse kenematic calculations seem to “blend” the different animations together.

For example, when I add a “standing still” animation after the walk cycle, the walk cycles positioning screw up because blender must think the “standing still” is a part of it.

So, how can I indicate that the new IKs must not carry on the animation?

Please helpme… I have one day to finish this animation. :x

Make each one a seperate action. Turn each action into a Strip in the NLA where you can ‘blend’ the end of one into the start of the next.
and the 2 pages following it.


Thanks :slight_smile: