Remove armature, but keep animation?


This is first time I am posting in these forums, so I would like to start with introducing myself. My name is Yaşar Arabacı, and I live in Turkey.

I am quite new to 3D modeling, and blender. I am trying to learn it by reading reference materials and tutorials.

My question is, is it possible to animate a mesh using an armature, but then remove the armature, keeping the animation.

The purpose of this is, I am trying to export some animations in dae format, for my frined doing a game mod. Game’s model editor couldn’t detect armature on the model when I export it to dae format. So is this possible?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If I get it right, you’re looking for for some way to export the animation as vertex animations rather than skeletal.

IIRC the exporter should do that for you depending your needs. I’m not aware of such functionality in Blender itself.

Some mod please move this thread to the support board?

edit: wait… doesn’t the collada exporter already export animations? Also, tell which blender version you’re using.

I am using blender 2.49 since, it is the only one we can make work with my friends’ modding tools.

Collada exporter, export animations without skeletons (e.g move rotate scale objects.) But when I use armature to animate the model and export to collada format, we could only get the raw model, rather then animation. Armature itself also didn’t show up. We strongly belive that modding tools my friend uses couldn’t see blender exported skeletons (but sees skeletons done with maya :frowning: ) so, we need to have some sort of technique to alllow us animate without using armatures.

And also, I couldn’t be able to make shape animate without using armatures.

If it sees maya bones, could you try to export as fbx?

Another option is to try and export vertex animation .mdd