Remove armature from mesh and assign armature from another mesh

Hi everyone, pretty new to blender 3D modeling and rigging so I imagine this would be fairly straight forward for experienced users.

Any help would be very appreciated. Right now I have a character mesh from MakeHuman that contains an armature from when it was generated. As best I could tell there is no way to generate a character mesh from that software (atleast in the .mhx format) without an armature. I’d like to remove that armature and replace it with another armature I have from an Autodesk .FBX file (which also contains a mesh).

I think I know how to delete the mesh from the Autodesk file, and I tried selecting all the bones on the character from MakeHuman and deleting, but it still left all the bone groups that I could not delete. Could someone please help me by recommending a way to accomplish removing & replacing and armatures?

see my reply here…