Remove Bezier seam?


I’m new to BLENDER and I love it. Here and there I’ve been struggling a bit though.

For instance, this afternoon I traced a logo by starting with Bezier
curves. The curves are then merely closed and I can give them depth
and bevel the edges. No problem so far. However, one of these closed
curves was mirrored for symmetry. Imagine a thick letter ‘O’ (the ink being a surface bound by edges), which is cut in two halves, where the right half is the mirror image of the left half.

The shape I have is not exactly an ‘O’, but is pointed at the bottom.
Now there is a seam along the line of symmetry, and as soon as I try to bevel the edges, two additional and unsightly sharp edges appear near this bottom point.

I cannot figure out how to remove the seam here. CTRL-J doesn’t work.
I can’t find a way to remove the edges on the seam, nor to remove the overlapping vertices.

Can anyone help me here?

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I’m curious. How did you manage to mirror a curve? I pressume you Alt - C to convert your Curve to Mesh, and then Mirror. Apply to make it one mesh. Vertices you want to join can be Merged with Alt-M. You can also use Rem Double under F9 - if you increase the limit, it will also Merge vertices close to one another. Hope that helps somewhat…