Remove double => broken mesh (2.49)

That such a problem (images).
Why is this happening and is it possible to fix this?


It looks like the Remove Doubles limit (in the mesh tools panel) is set too high. As a result when you Remove Doubles blender is combining vertices from nearby faces rather than just doubled vertices.

Limit is set 0.001
I have tried to reduce to 0.0005, verts removed half. Looks better. But the problem stay here. Does it make sense to lower yet?


The effect could be compounded by the scale of the model. The limit, I think, works in blender units. Try scaling the model up considerably in Edit mode, then remove doubles.

Wild guess but the only thing that I can think of , after what i know from your UV thread:

When you have applied the mirror modifier twice,
results in two complete meshes stuck in each other.
1rst mirror apply copies left to right
2nd mirror apply copies left to right AND right to left --> creates a flipped copy.
( and yes 3rt mirror apply would create another copy in place )
So deleting one half and mirroring again will not help, because there are two copies already on the first side. They might slightly differ because you did edit after the 1rst mirror apply … this finally messes up remove doubles, since topology gets ambiguous.

You could try to fix like that

  1. remove one half
  2. try to get rid of the 2 X mirror mesh by remove double (this will destroy parts of the mesh because of the two overlapping meshes )
    If you are lucky you can start of with one vertex and use select linked (CTRL_L) to isolate one copy and delete it that way.
  3. mirror modifier apply

At least it now should be symmetric again and unwrap nicely.

Yes, you’re right. If scale up in much, removed only seven vertex.

Thank you, i will try it!

I decided to issue, thanks!