Remove Double Trouble

Does anyone here know of an easier way to remove doubles???

You know how you can do the CTRL-LMB to place a vertice, well when I’m using that to trace a background image for example I have to zoom in to put the vertices directly on top of each other, then remove doubles, this is ok once or twice, but after awhile it gets annoying. Is there a better way to do this?

Sorry if I’m unclear. Thx!

Select both verts and scale to 0.000.


There should be no reason to place verts on top of one another when tracing an image. Why are you doing this?

To join say the start and end of a loop just select the first and last vertex and hit “f” which will add an edge between the verts.

To answer your remove doubles question:

w-key and select remove doubles. You can set the max distance apart of the verts to join in the (F9)Editing->Mesh Tools panel->limit field.
Do this when you have finished tracing so that you only have to do it once (after pressing “a” to select all the verts)


Best do it while holding down the control key, that way it will only scale in .100 increments.

or select the two(or more) vertices, press [alt]+[m] and click either [at center] or [at cursor]…

the two vertices will be snapped together and remove doubles will be done automatically…

i hope this helps


Thank you all!!! My question has been answered, thanks for replying so Quick.

Greybeard:I’m doing this because I’m not exactly great with blender :smiley: don’t know any better. :smiley: :smiley: