remove doubles changes ?


but not updated in API pages yet!


i tried this and still giving error on the name mergedist ?

#bpy.ops.mesh.remove_doubles(mergedist=0.1, use_unselected=False)

how can this be corrected ?


API says threshold:

which API did u use ?


always latest:

i selected the wiki page then the api and did a search !
and got one item and no other choice!

i mean what else can i do to get the latest one ?

how come the wiki search don’t get the latest API ?


Did you follow this link?

there seem to be many ways to get to the API docs, and always different links…

I added the always up-to-date link and recent version APIs here:

no i went to main page of wiki

select the bottom link for API and seems it does not get the latest API!

it is strange


it’s not strange, it’s just someone decided to put a link to a specific API version there. Last “release” API was 2.64, but it should actually point to the latest stable release, 2.64a (not latest, as most people are probably using the latest stable, but not the latest testbuilds. Latest API is roughly the version of the current testbuilds, but a little afterwards as it’s not getting a rebuild on every commit).