Remove doubles modifier?

I know this might be a wrong section for asking this question, but since modifiers are made in C++ and not in Python I felt like I shouldn’t ask it on python support.

So yeah, my question would be why isn’t there a Remove Doubles Modifier? Is it hard to make or do majority of blend developers and user think that It wouldn’t mean anything or be very useful for a modeling process/pipeline?

From my humble point of view as simple user, I don’t think it should be difficult to implement, since the mirror modifier does just that among the other things.
Anyway, I don’t think it would particularly useful to me, but I may be wrong.


There’s a patch deep in the archives of that adds this, but the devs. are hesitant to add new modifiers when there’s ongoing development looking to replace the stack altogether with a node-based system (for 2.8x).

Yeah, I know all that sourvinos. In my opinion for my workflow such a modifier would be extremely useful.

Hey, AceDragon. Is there a link discussing node-based system for 2.8x?