remove doubles on uv-coords


Is there a way to make blender use the same uv-coordinate at a point for all adjacent faces - similar to the ‘remove doubles’ for vertices? (same for normals)

I’m asking since I noticed the following:
I exported a simple plane - subdivided once (-> 9 Verts, 4 Faces) and unwrapped - to different file formats. Each file holds the 9 vertex positions, 16 tex-coords and 16 normal-vectors (4 for each face).
I expected only 9 tex-coords and 9 normal-vectors.

Is this an exporter-specific problem or can I find a solution in blender?

Thanks for reading!

There are two ways do it. By face UV or vertex UV. The most popular is the face UV as it’s the most flexible but what you want is the vertex UV or the sticky coords. If you look in the mapping options, see the option stick beside orco.