Remove Faces Between Joined Mesh?

If two symetrical mesh halves have been joined together to become one object, is it okay to then delete the faces in between on the inside or does it really make any difference other than seeing them in edit mode? I’m just wondering about that out of curiousity and polygon performance optimizing…

All I know is that when you have a face in the inside of a mesh between too objects, it will effect the subsurf if you have that modifer enabled. Its how I make teeth really.

The interior face will usually mess up your mesh and your render when you use subsurf, unless you are as creative as nicktechyguy, who makes this behavior work for him instead of against him. You basically get a seam at the joint, pulled inward a bit. If you’re looking for a smooth joint, delete the interior face.

f you’re looking for a smooth joint, delete the interior face

and remove doubles vertices!!!

Yes thanks a bunch. I actually need a sharp joint there they will be. There is a beveled edge effect between the two joined objects.

If you are using it as a soft body, you actually want the faces (or at leat the verticies) to remain inside the volume of the mesh to give the soft body something to spring against when it starts squishing.