Remove Faces without removing vertices?

(banana_sock) #1

is there a way to get rid of a face between several vertices. Basically the opposite of pressing f while several are selected?

(paradox) #2

In edit mode press x then choose faces.

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(kattkieru) #4

If you remove a face and there are no other faces connected to the vertices, the vertices will disappear aussi. The thing to do is to go in and remove faces one at a time. Any vertices that are alone without connection to anything will disappear.

The other thing to try is drawing edges (select two verts and press FKey in edit mode). Edges don’t render, and they keep the verts connected so that they don’t disappear when faces get removed. Then you can go into face select mode and select and remove faces to your heart’s content.

(ray_theway) #5

I disagree :stuck_out_tongue: .
Countless times on dupliverted items, I will select every vertex in a mesh, press delete, and either choose delete only faces or only edges and faces. And still, the points will remain. Just remember, like António said above, “ONLY!”

(BetaParticl) #6

I just did some testing, and it seems that using Only Faces will never delete vertices or edges. However, if you delete all of the edges connected to a vertex, that vertex will also be deleted. Hope that is useful.


(banana_sock) #7

i found out the answer to this question like 5 mins after i posted it, but i couldn’t get back here to remove it. Thanx for the help anyway.