Remove hidden verts?

I’ve been looking around, but it’s kinda a hard thing to search for–is there a way to automatically delete hidden verts?

Reason I ask is I’m making fairly complex, high poly objects for my game. But it is a game, and so I don’t need those verts running around consuming memory for no purpose whatsoever, becase as it is the object is high poly enough.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

You can switch to edit mode, go to the second Mesh Tools panel and click “Reveal”.
If you are in Vertex select mode, you should see all the vertices of your Mesh now.

You select all the vertices that are needed (all ! You can press L while hovering upon the objects you want to keep)
Once all the needed vertices are selected, press “select swap” in the same panel: now the needed vertices are de-selected and the rest is.
Delete it.

Hi Gwenouille,

Thanks for the feedback. Now L will select all faces that are attached, even if hidden, correct?

I did think about selecting all the faces I could while “occlude background geometry” is on, then inverting selection and deleting. Only problem there is I have some fairly complex structures that it will be very hard to select all the ones that are exposed.

What you might be looking for is decimate

Decimate? Can that be made to go after hidden polys?

What do you mean by “hidden polys?” Do you mean vertices in the mesh that you hid with the H key? Or hidden as in geometry that the player would never see if the object was in a game engine?

If it’s the first, just go into edit mode (vertex selection mode), and with nothing selected do alt-H to reveal hidden verts. Now only the verts that used to be hidden should be selected, and now you can delete them.

If it’s the second, that’s a more difficult problem. Can you possibly post a pic of what you mean?

@wizofboz: Oh man, you’re right, I wasn’t too clear.

I mean hidden by geometry that the player will never see. Here’s some screenies. What I’ve done is dumped a bunch of soft body spheres together in a big kinda pile, and a lot fo them are glommed up next to each other–with verts that are now hidden from view.