Remove/hide default camera and lamp?

Im wondering if theres a way to remove, (delete or hide) the default camera and lamp from my scene whilst I`m modeling?

Im finding that the camera especially is getting in the way a bit sometimes and Ive seen other setups in tuts etc where the camera and lamp dont seem to be around anywhere but when Ive tried to remove them from the scene by going into Object mode and selecting them and hiding/deleting them, I then can`t get back into Edit mode…

Ive also tried moving them away from my model but again, Im not able to go back into Edit mode if I do that.

Still noob so please bare with me if the above sounds a bit daft…

Any help will be appreciated.


You can move it to another layer by selecting it and hitting the M key and selecting a layer from the dialog box. While I’m assembling things, I usually keep my models in the top row of layers and any mechanism components in the bottom row of layers (e.g. cameras, lamps, armatures, ground objects, motion path curves, etc.).

Thanks for the reply.

I just tried moving the camera and lamp to the first two bottom layers respectively but then can`t get back into Edit mode…


You could just hide them with H. Or you could just totally delete them. There’s nothing stopping you from adding another camera and lamp setup later.

Not sure what you mean. Cameras don’t have an edit mode, but if you select your mesh object again you should have no problem moving it into edit mode. Are you selecting your mesh before trying to go to edit mode?

Ahh… :smiley: it would appear I was not selecting my mesh again…

It now works and I can hide/delete the camera and lamp or move them to other layers.

Appreciate the help guys and sorry for being a complete noob.