Remove one/two VertexWeights from a group of selected Vertexes?

Hey Guys,

I’ve a problem with my Model.
I want to animate it but I run into problems because a group of vertexes is effected by a wrong bone.

Is there a way to remove the VertexWeight of the wrong bone for a Group of selected Vertexes instead of clicking on one vertex by another and removing them one by one?
I want to selecte more vertexes at the same time (like on the following image) and remove the VertexWeight of the wrong one on all selected Vertexes.

Can you help me out?

Not sure if will work but give it a try: in the “properties > data” there should be a list of vertex groups. One of them has the same name of the bone you are having trouble with. Select that vertex group then select the vertices you want to change the weight to 0 and then click remove (you can also set the weight to 0 and click assign). (note that you will need to make another bone control those vertices (probably you will want the hip?) or they will stand still when the body moves)

Just use weight paint. Select the bone in pose mode. Shift select the mesh. Control Tab to weight paint. Put your show zero weight option for active and use your subtract brush to zero all the weights. Then use clean at zero to get rid of them. Take a look at Dan’
s tutorial on how to weight paint if you never used it. You can start here but it is well worth it to go back and review the entire series if you are going to use a rigify rig down the road.

thank you! it worked like a charm! <3