Remove parent odd

If I do remove parent on a rigid body that is in air, it does not seem to “activate” in physics

this could just be a bug of my system I am using though…

It seems so. I thought maybe you had to update the Physics Mesh, or restore Dynamics, or enable Rigid Body, but all this doesn’t seem to work.

def clearParent(cont):
    if cont.sensors[0].positive:
        own = cont.owner
        own.reinstancePhysicsMesh(own, own.meshes[0])

Edit: There’s a workaround. Parent the object when the game starts, then it updates when you remove the parent again. (You don’t need to update the Mesh, or Restore Dynamics, or enable Rigid Body).

This has been around before… It’s because existing parents force the object to become static (remove dynamics).
Here’s a patch

Thanks a lot agoose77.

this is magic agoose! , i guess this bug exist since 10 years!
and the solution is easy ?

with this fix basically we can finally parent piece dynamics directly to the character.
(as example hayr)
then a this point is not too hard re-build the constraints 6DOF.(since the reference there already)

easy explosion : a bomb with a lot of piece rigid body attacched

car : with rigid body attacched that can be destroyed.

i ever thinked that this bug should be on the top of the bug to fix.
is little but tactically too matter.

and make less mandatory use group that have some problems.

thanks! :slight_smile: