Remove the Cursor (2.8 Beta)


I dislike the Blender cursor because I’m used to other software. I understand that there are seventeen arguments in favor of everyone becoming comfortable with the Blender cursor, but until I get to the point where I want to regularly use the Blender cursor, is there a way to kill it?

The 3d Cursor? This little guy?

Are you using the new default left click select key map? It’s fairly unobtrusive then relative to right click select since you have to shift-right-click to move it around.

But yes, in the Overlays drop down you can turn it off:


You probably want to be sure it’s at the origin before you hide it, so any commands that work relative to its position won’t give you surprising results.

You made my day Gavin! I centered the cursor and hid it via the Overlays drop down. :slight_smile:

Can I get rid of the tool in the myriad toolshelves (example marked in red below) as well, either via editing a script or by setting a preference with the UI?

Again, I understand that the 3D Cursor is really useful when using Blender… it’s just that I want to work without it for now.

Eh, I don’t know of a way to get rid of the tool palette entry that would be worth the effort[1]. At least it serves as a reminder that it’s still out there waiting to become relevant for you :slight_smile:

And without that tool, how would you position the invisible cursor that you can’t see?

[1] Which as always does not mean there isn’t some way to do it.

Heh heh. :stuck_out_tongue: