Remove webbing from model

The picture is an escalator model exported to .obj and imported into Daz Studio. The green part shows the webbing problem. This is the model:

Sometimes a Blender model will produce webbing in Daz Studio. I have so far fixed such models by editing the geometry to remove the relevant concave n-gons.

But this escalator model seems un-fixable.

I think it has to do with that fact that the n-gons in question are made from curves and the object they are part of has multiple instances.

I tried converting the curves to meshes.

I tried editing the geometries as usual, in edit mode.

I tried exporting it to Daz and then re-importing it to blender (edit again) and exporting it to Daz again.

But no matter what I do, the webbing persists.

Is there a way to reduce the blender model to a pure mesh with no modifiers of any kind so that it will be truly editable such that I can remove the webbing?

n-gons do cause these artefacts.

Add a Triangulate modifier as the last modifier to all the offending objects to ensure they have only triangles when you export.
Expand the Geometry panel in the export settings.
Ensure the “Apply Modifiers” option is ticked.

Good luck.

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Thank you so much, zeroskilz.

I’m sure your solution would work. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to try it.

Instead, I dug deeper into the model and found two more instances of the big n-gon. I just deleted them 'cause they were redundant glass surfaces.