Remove wrinkles & creases from posed figures

you can alt right click on an edge loop to select it. then X-> delete edge loop to thin out your mesh a bit ;D

Thanks! It all started with the humble cube. There is quite a lot of good instructional material online that covers good topology. Having a modest understanding of anatomy can also be a good help. Really, though, it’s like drawing. You have to do a lot and get all of the bad models out of your system. :wink:

Hey, guys.

I just finished rendering the animation, and the results are awesome. I think that it was a combination of all the factors:

-Removing the Specularity from the model in the Materials>Shaders section
-Changing the way that the Armature was connected to the model. Originally, it was weight-painted, but Fweeb told me to go: “Ctrl+P->Armature->Create from Bone Heat” and that worked way better
-Fweep re-did the mesh of the model:

Speaking of which, does anybody know of a good tutorial on this? My mesh had way more vertices, but it looked way worse.

As noted in my last post, I got great results using the simple model created by Fweeb and following the tips posted here.

But I just downloaded 2.5 (I’d been using 2.49) and I’m trying to create my own version of this model. Using SubSurf there, there is always a zipper-like intrusion cutting through the Clipped center of the new model. Does anybody know why this is - either explaining it here or a link to a tutorial on this? Thanks.

UPDATE: I just figured out a little solution for this: You double-up the vertices in the area where the SubSurf is putting unwanted curves. So, in this case, I created a loop cut with Ctrl + R. I then dragged that around and saw how it was effecting the model. When I dragged it all the way over to the center of the model (it’s important to note that this was all a problem because I was combining both the Mirror modifier and the Subsurf modifier), I could see that the center intrusion went away.

This also tends to happen if you use Subsurf modifier in the stack before the Mirror modifier. Try putting the mirror modifier first and you should see things looking a bit better.