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you could just render the animation and place it inside a flash file.(i think you can do that, im not very good with flash.) if you need the user to make choices of where they move next you could render a animation for each move scene, and then render a still for when they stop moving.

Here is what I use , you can convert Jpg, Png, and AVI plus a few other formats.

I use the jpg one for small files, and PNG for more detailed ones. I will use the AVI one if I only want the movie to play once (the other animations will loop).

I’ve had great success with saving the animation out as a PNG sequence with the RGBA function enabled (if you need transparency). Then you can bring it into something like premier and save the movie as an FLV with alpha channel enabled (if you need transparency).

Then just import the FLV into flash. Usually the FLV format is very small size. I’d bet that it’d be smaller than the SWF file if you went that route. It also keeps all the alpha! wooot

I <3 alpha channels.

Anyway, goodluck.


Not sure what all it can do, but Papervision 3D might allow 3D vector (read much lighter-weight) flash-based walkthrus of the campus. See more in this thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=112188