Removeing half of faces you'll never see

In games I’ve noticed that looking from the inside out of a model you can’t see the textures. From what I’ve heard thats to save resources for the player by removing something you shouldn’t ever even see.

I’ve made a model and textured it but when I cut it in half to check I could still see the textures. Is there a way to specify which half of the faces should not be drawn?

This is called “Backface Culling”. You can enable it in the N panel of 3D View under Display settings.

Technically, every face is a plane that has a “normal vector” that identifies which of the two sides is the “front.” To save computation, nothing at all is done for “the other side” unless you expressly indicate otherwise.

Backface culling works only in Blender in my experience. If you want to fix it in-game go to the properties panel, select ‘object data’ (the triangle), and under the normals section make sure ‘double sided’ is off.