removeParent() - zombie object!


I’ve following code:
heroSlot = GameLogic.getSceneList()[0].objects[‘OBheroSlot’+heroSlots[i]]
print 'removing ', heroSlot.children[0].name #prints: removing OBshield

And I get : Zombie object! name = OBshield
At the time this code is performed there are two scenes loaded, but I do not thing this matters.


I got that bug lately,
Tried hard to understand what it is,

it’s pretty simple,
…and not dangerous at all.

I’t related to the debug properties,
if you delete an object that have a debug property,
Blender can no longer spec that property and is sending you this message.

since debug properties are only used for testing purposes,
removing them (By clicking on the “D” at left of the debug properties)
will remove the error message.

Simple isn’t it ? :smiley: