Removing a white area on texture

I’m trying to stick this texture on the floor of my scene using UV mapping. But the image includes a white area that I don’t want. I’ve used the “premultiply” option to fix this before, but it’s having no effect this time. It’s driving me NUTS! Can anyone help me?

The texture can be found here: (sorry but the uploader doesnt work for me)

You may need an account on CGTextures to view this. It’s free though, and they have a huge database so it’s worth signing up for anyway.

Maybe you need to tell it to ‘calculate’ the alpha from rgb, then reverse the effect if the white behaves incorrectly.

Ok so I tried that anf the white is now correct. But now the other colors are white instead of red :expressionless:

Maybe use one as the color, and one as the stencil? In any caase, I would just use Gimp to delete the white area and save as a transparency.

what format will blender open that supports transparencies?

PNG and Targa, for starters. You should find all the available image formats in your render tab where the default jpeg appears.

Awesome. I changed the white to alpha and then made it transparent. Thanks dude!