Removing Actions

Two questions:

1/ When I add any object (e.g. mesh cube), I immediately get a set of 6 actions (4 * leg, 2 * arm). Why and any way to stop it?

2/ How do I actually remove actions that are no longer in use so they no longer clutter up my menu system?


If you pull down your top menu where you can see all the settings, go to Edit Methods and deselect Auto Keyframe on Action.

Right click on the action and hit the X button to delete it in the action editor.

Hope this is what you meant!

I’ve never had it on.

I mean the actual action IPO block rather than the keys. Clicking on ‘x’ may detach it from the object, but that action label is still hanging around in the action select menu (next to the ‘x’) and cluttering up space as well as being continually saved with the file.

I remembered seeing this at the Blended Planet site. Great tutorial

TIP : Thanks to Carl for this one…if you want to permanently delete actions that aren’t being used from a Blender file - press shift + f4 in any window (data browser), go to the actions - you will probably have to go up one level, then you can just click actions and there they are…

Actions always have a fake user (F) this is because otherwise you would use all the actions you weren’t using (naming in an actuator for example)

Use your right mouse button to select all the actions you wish to delete, then press F, now you see that all the F’s with the actions you selected are gone, the fake user is gone… the number after the actions should now be 0, indicating no users for that action. Save… quit blender and restart the file, now they should be gone…

k, need more info then. Maybe send me a blend? I get no action’s automaticallly even when I add an armature, much less a mesh cube. For me, all ipo’s and actions are completely empty unless I add them manually.

Confused here.

Thanks 335 solved one problem and inadvertently provided the reason for the other. The reason I had an action and IPO appearing in my empty file whenever I put in an armature was because I’d saved my default setup with an action and leg/arm IPOs by mistake. However, with shift F4, slecting IPO blocks then hitting ‘X’, I get the message, ‘unable to delete file’.

I now can’t resave a default setup because my ‘empty’ scene will always have those IPOs…

Just delete your .blend file and it’ll make you a new one when you restart. :slight_smile:

If you are talking abbout your default setup, I believe it’s the “b.blend” file , erasing this will cause blender to go to it’s default settings. I can’t recall what directory it’s in.

Sorted - thank you all.