removing an object when it's ontop of another object?

Hello all…got a question regarding removing an object whenever it’s on-top of another object. What I’m doing is adding two mouse sensors, one for mouse over and one for left button click, then an AND controller, and finally an edit object actuator set to end object whenever these procedures are carried out. For example let’s say I have a small box and a large box. The small box is inside of the large box. Whenever I carry out the mouseover and left button press to end the large box and remove it from the scene, it then removes the small box as well (since the small box is programmed to do the same thing whenever the mouse is over and left button is clicked). How would one go about only having the large box removed whenever it is clicked on then leave the small box in the scene until it is then clicked upon?..I’ve included a .blend file to the issue I have described. Any help is much appreciated

clickHelp.blend (135 KB)

You must enable the Tab button on the left button mouse sensor.


clickHelp1.blend (134 KB)

Wow!..I can’t believe it was that simple. I’m still new to blender as you can tell lol. Thank you for the reply kind sir