Removing Armatures, keep pose on mesh

Hi, wonder if anyone can help.

Using Blender 2.68.

I have a collada import model, with a full armature system. I need to set a pose for the model, then remove the armature system, and leave the pose in place.

(the reason being, is the model has to go into 3rd party software which uses its own unique bone system)

If I simply delete the armature, the model just bounces back to its original pose.

I have googled this, and it seems I am not the first to ask this question. The problem is, the answers are usually for older versions of blender, or make reference to context sensitive windows that I cannot seem to find.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Set your pose then apply the armature modifier

Thank you for taking the time to snapshot, appreciate the fast response too

I was wondering about that too, thanks!