Removing artifacts from Game Mode

Here is a link to a file I made, I am simulating electricity. I noticed that when I play there is an artifact that remains visabe when every object relating to the electricity is randomly visable, I already tried rotating and scaling to ObData. Just zoom in on the electricity and press P to see what I am talking about. the one that doesnt flicker is an artifact… I also checked all of the meshes and no modifiers or keys are open.

It is because on the ones that stay visible, invisibility is triggered first, it is the top actuator, then visibility is triggered. just inverse the order and it works. :slight_smile:
Note if you go to the file menu in blender and select “Compress file” the file becomes small enough to upload on this sight.:yes:
Here is the fixed file.


Sample.blend (639 KB)

Thanks for the help, lol that was a really generic version, of that I am trying to make a good electricty system…