Removing Elements from a single Geoset

I apologize if this is in the wrong section.

Hello. I am new to Blender with less than 3 days of exp. I am loving this program and needless to say I have a lot to learn. Now, I edit World of Warcraft models. And something has happened that has me stumped. Refer to this screenshot:

This entire model is one geoset. See that red arrow? It is pointing to her iris and pupil that SOMEHOW doesn’t move with the rest of the model when I pose her. I want that iris and pupil to be where the blue arrow is pointing. If anything, I want to delete the object that the red arrow is pointing to. When I hit “x” or “delete” to delete what the red arrow is pointing to, it deletes the whole model, leaving only my armature.

So how do I move, delete, or isolate single elements of a geoset without deleting the entire thing?

I hope I was clear and thanks in advance for helping me get over the first real hurdle I have encountered while using this program.

You’ll have to check your vertex weighting for your bones.

Since you haven’t supplied the blend file you’ll have to check that yourself

I apologize if this is in the wrong section.
It was the wrong forum so I’ve moved it

How do I upload the blend file?And wow that response was quick. Thanks a ton.

June 3d.blend (722 KB)

Okay, hopefully that’s right.

For the neck bone vertex group you will need to paint the mesh with 100% weight in weight paint mode

Select the vertices, select the Neck vertex group, set the weight to 100 and press the Assign button

Okay, that first method confused me. The second method seemed to work. Here is the result:

Just so I am educated, how did you know exactly what to do? How did you know which vertex group to edit? My apologies, but explain it to me like I am a 5 year old. Could I have deleted that eye if I wanted to? How? I still would like to know how to delete parts of a geoset, if possible.

I really, really appreciate you help, btw. I am not really a forum person, so if my etiquette is bit off, I mean no offense.

How did you know which vertex group to edit?
Logically the neck bone is the bone that should move the head, the eye is part of the head so that bone should also move the eye. The head has red weighting meaning the bone has a full influence in their movement, the eye is blue which means the bone has zero effect on those faces. Therefore apply 100% bone weighting either in the vertex weight panel or just paint on the weight

I can’t thank you enough, Mr. Marklew.

As I continue to learn Blender, i am sure more questions will come up. I really try to research as much as possible before asking questions such as this, so hopefully I wont be around too often. <3

Nevermind - I got it.


untitled.blend (798 KB)