removing extra vertices

i’m pretty new to blender and i’m currently working on a model of a computer case.

i have a mesh for the PCI slots in the back and after subdividing it a few times so i could cut out the actual holes it now has way too many vertices. is there a way to remove the extra vertices in an edge?

if i have a line like this ---------------------------*
with the * being vertices is there a way to remove the 3 extra in the middle?

yes you would just right click the 3 in the middle (while holding shift) and press x and go delete vertices

wont that cut a hole in it?

okay so do you still wont a line like -----------------------
if so all you do is select the to end vertices and press “f”

… which would also delete the edges and faces that are connected to it. A line without faces makes no sense. So select 3 or 4 vertices and press ‘F’ to make a face.

This refers to the second post.

I want to end up with a line like that but its not just a line. there are a lot of faces on this shape.

let me try the cube example. if i have a cube subdivided once so there are 18 vertices but i don’t want the vertices in the middle of the corners later can i just remove them but leave the edge?

Blender can only use polygons with 3 or 4 verts/edges. So for your cube example, if you removed the center vert you would be left with a hole surrounded by 8 verts. You can’t make a face out of that.
Best is plan your mesh ahead of building it.
Also, removing verts also removes the faces and edges associated with them.
Other than the decimator there is no inteligent subtraction tool (though the idea is being tossed about)


Well, you can take the 3 middle vertices, shrink them, and Remove Doubles. Then, you can take the other one and position it in the same spot that one of the edges, and Remove Doubles again.
Like this:


^Move to ^here


The only problem with this method, is that you might find problems if you move the Mesh.

You can also:

  1. Select leftmost vert and align the cursor to it. Deselect.
  2. Select the other verts (like all but the last right).
  3. In edit mode, type W then choose Merge at Cursor. All of the verts (minus the rightmost) will be colapsed into just one at the leftmost position.

awesome! thats exactly what i wanted to do.

How do you remove doubles ?
what are the key strokes ?

A DXF file that I have , for some reason on a 4 vertices face, it has 3 of the vertices at the same x,y.z location.

In edit mode W-5 or “remove doubles” in mesh tools.